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We have the hottest merchandise.
Fast-moving items mean more profit for you.

Parisi Vending offers a wide variety of bulk gum, candy, toys, plush and novelties—including many exclusive products—that keep kids (and their parents) coming back. 

We’re on top of the trends.
When it comes to vending machines, desirable products keep kids asking for more. At Parisi Vending Co., our merchandising specialists are always looking for the next hot products. We have up-to-the-minute data on what’s moving, so we’re only vending the fastest-moving items. 
We travel the world to find the hottest trends, and we create and design many of our own toys. Sourcing through Parisi Industrial Company Hong Kong, we are able to provide the highest-quality items at the greatest value. Every new item is thoroughly tested for safety before it ever reaches our warehouses.

Gumballs in myriad colors, flavors, shapes and sizes

Bulk Candy in a variety of coated and uncoated shapes and sizes

Bulk Candy

Plush Products in a wide range of shapes and colors

Toys and Novelties in plastic capsules and eggs, including licensed merchandise and exclusive items

Plastic Egg-Shaped Capsules
Plush Toys

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