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About Us

Deep roots in bulk vending.
Satisfied customers across the United States.

Parisi Vending Co., Inc. is a bulk gum, candy, toy, plush and novelties route operations company serving major retail stores and restaurant chains across North America. With desirable sweets and prizes, high-quality equipment and smooth operations, Parisi provides fun for children and profits for its partners.


Born into the business.

Owner and founder Frank Parisi was born and raised in the bulk vending industry. In 1973, his father purchased Eppy Charm Company and produced charms and capsules for the bulk vending industry. When Frank was born, Roger and Adele Folz of Folz Vending (then the largest bulk vending company in the United States) gave him his first gumball machine.


For his 13th birthday, Frank received a two-column Steiner baseball card machine at the National Bulk Vending Association tradeshow, and operated it at local baseball card shows. In 1994, as a college freshman, Frank installed a two-machine gumball and capsule toy rack at his local barbershop. Parisi Vending was born.

Carrying on an American tradition.

Today Parisi Vending is known for its contemporary take on classic American bulk vending. The company offers a wide variety of popular prizes, gum and candy. A full line of vending machines includes a variety of gumball machines, bulk vending machines, and crane machines; and the company’s All American Chicken Machine can be found around the world, from North America to Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The Parisi Family

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